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Whatever ails you ... Dr. Friday prescribes a dose of Dr. Friday

  • Dr. Friday is a high energy group of experienced, professional Calgary based musicians ready to entertain you. No, they're not really doctors.
  • Dr. Friday will provide more than just background “muzak”, performing songs in their own "doctored" style. They play classic rock, blues, a few newer rock songs, a sprinkling of country (on request) and a few tasty originals. Check out the song list for all of the titles.



Founding members Stooky and James met in 2002 through an ad in the paper. Originally, the band with two other members played mostly pure blues music, hence the name, Dr. Friday. Put "doctor" in front of any word and it'll make a great blues band name. Try it, you'll see. The blues influence carries on today, especially due to James' smokin' blues harp sounds.

In 2006, after the original bass player moved on, Ramona joined as bass player. After a long, six year maternity leave from music she was itching to play again. Ramona added her influence and the band morphed in a slightly different direction. Ramona took over some of the lead vocal duties with her favourite classic rock tunes.

In 2009, working around gigs in pubs and learning new songs, Dr. Friday also recorded and released a CD containing thirteen original songs.

More changes occurred in 2010 as another long time member decided to pursue other musical interests. You never know what kind of treasures you'll find on Kijiji. Dr. Friday found their treasure in Allan, multi-talented lead guitar player and vocalist, Al can play any kind of music but prefers the Dr. Friday prescribed brand of rock and blues.

After spending a few years writing and arranging almost twenty original songs, recording started in spring of 2016. Twelve songs of these songs were released January 2017 on CD. The album "Cruisin'" was also released for digital distribution via CDBaby to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


Some Past Venues:

Top's Pizza and Steakhouse, Lynnwood Station, Juliet's Castle, Renfrew Community Center Beer Gardens, Mr. Detail / Virgin Radio Show and Shine, Willingdon Hotel in Okotoks, Strathmore Hotel, Sunset & Vine, Riverbend Station Pub, ZABFest, Shooters Bar and Grill, Snow Pitch Fundraiser, Weddings and Corporate Parties

Music Samples

Paranoid (cover of Black Sabbath)

Nice To Luv You (cover of 54-40)

Cruisin' (Dr. Friday Original from Album : Cruisin')

Didn't See the Signs (Dr. Friday Original from Album : Cruisin')